Having Fun Supporting Community Events in Hartley Wintney

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Update - May 11th 2020

As per the notification in February 2020 and final message on Facebook, the Friends of Hartley Wintney community group is now closed, membership details have been passed to the Rotary Club who will be in touch with members in due course. Thank you to everyone who provided support of activites under the FoHW banner over the years.

What's it all about?


The Friends of Hartley Wintney (FoHW) is a community  group established to bring together volunteers who are prepared to provide support to activities within the community and village of Hartley Wintney. These activities include:

    • Easter Egg Hunt

    • Village Festival

    • Pram Race

    • Christmas Sleigh and collections

To offer its members opportunities to meet and socialise generally.

How does it work?

We publish details of these and other village events to the events page on this site, via Facebook, and through regular emails to our members and volunteers.  By helping at events our members contribute to the local community and ensure that they can continue to occur.  There are no membership fees and the only formality is the Annual General Meeting.


Friends of Hartley Wintney is a community group supported by the Rotary Club of Hart.