Having Fun Supporting Community Events in Hartley Wintney


The village of Hartley Wintney is often cited as one of the most desirable places to live anywhere in the UK. That comment is no doubt borne out by the general character of the village aided by its physical features such as the Oak Common, the duck ponds and Cricket Green.

But to be a thriving and successful village it also needs an active community. Hartley Wintney is fortunate to have many social and recreational groups which offer a range of activities for a wide variety of age groups. Many of those groups are voluntary and rely upon the support of their members to keep them going, but it is their very existence that creates a successful commnection.

The Festival

The character of our community is perhaps best epitomised by the village Festival, which is now in its 23rd year. The festival brings together the village, many of its organisations and importantly its residents who are all well represented there.

But festivals don’t run themselves! The Rotary Club of Hart is the driving force behind our festival and it is through Rotary that the idea of Friends of Hartley Wintney was born.

The Friends of Hartley Wintney wesite is supported by Communications Solutions UK Limited.

The Rotary Connection

Rotary recognised that today’s residents have many commitments, be it work, family or social. As a result people are often not able to, or indeed may not want, a permanent commitment to join any particular group in the village, but if they had the opportunity would be prepared to offer support on a one-off or occasional basis.

This was the driving thought behind launching Friends of Hartley Wintney. The Association is there to provide a means for people to come together as and when they wish to collectively offer one-off support to other organisations and groups within the village who need extra help from time-to-time.

In addition to that, the Association will seek to offer new arrivals in to the community an easy way to meet people and become part of village life if they wish to do so.

Finally, through these volunteer activities and social events the Association should hopefully create a community within itself which further reaffirms the character of the village in which we all live.

The Association has the option under its draft Articles of Association to charge a membership fee. At this time no membership fee will be charged and that operating expenses should ideally be covered through fund raising at Association events, through donations or voluntary contributions.


Chairman: Nick Cooper - nick@friendsofhartleywintney.org.uk

Treasurer: Hilary Carpenter - hilary@friendsofhartleywintney.co.uk

Project Coordinators: John Sage - john@friendsofhartleywintney.co.uk

                       John Collins - johnc@friendsofhartleywintney.co.uk

Membership Secretary: Sue Cooper - sue@friendsofhartleywintney.co.uk

Web Master: George Hazlewood - george@friendsofhartleywintney.co.uk

Rotary Liaison: Steve Watling - steve@friendsofhartleywintney.co.uk

Friends of Hartley Wintney is a community group supported by the Rotary Club of Hart.